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Why Leadership & Organizational Development Course?

  • This course is designed to enable professionals to develop their skills with updated and upgraded expertise at International level.
  • This course facilitates the participants in getting a foreign leadership and OD certification by staying in Bangladesh
  • By attending this course, the participants will gain insight about different leadership issues and challenges and will get skill development opportunities about employee engagement, OD, talent management and sustainable organization development.

Special Features of the Course:

  • Jointly offered by Australian Academy of Business Leadership (AABL), Australia & Progressive Training Development & Consultants Associates (PTDCA), Bangladesh.
  • Nationally & Globally renowned HR & OD Academicians and Practitioners will conduct the course.
  • The curriculum and facilitators – both approved by AABL expert team, Australia.
  • Classes will be held at UPDATE Classroom, UTC Tower, 8, Panthapath, Dhaka, (PTDCA’s registered Office) as well as via Video Conferencing from Australia.
  • Exam evaluation will be monitored and approved by AABL, Australia

AABL, Australia will issue certificates to the participants

About PTDCA and AABL initiative

Progressive Training Development & Consultants Associates (PTDCA) is a multidisciplinary management, academic, training & development, research, evaluation, marketing and consultancy service provider in Bangladesh established in 2011. PTDCA has a highly competent and experienced Board of Advisers comprising of HR experts, educationists, scientist, business persons and lawyers who are renowned and respectable professionals at National and International arena. PTDCA has a pool of consultants, trainers and speakers who are nationally and globally reputed in the field of HR, OD, marketing, QMS and other related services.

PTDCA is connected with internally reputed and leading HR & OD consultancy companies of Australia, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and The Netherlands. Australian Academy of Business Leaders (AABL) is one of the most resourceful overseas partners. AABL provides total HR services and organizes different HR, Leadership, OD and related conferences, conduct researches and events in different part of the gloves.

AABL, Australia has agreed to offer the CERTIFICATE IN “LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” (ACL&OD)” jointly with PTDCA with an objective to facilitate professionals of Bangladesh to improve the competency in the area of Leadership and Organizational Development.


Leadership and Organizational Development (i.e. O.D.) are now the most desired skills for today’s professionals. Organizations seek to ensure efficient and effective goal attainment. However, these skills are critical to gain and to implement successfully in the context of Bangladesh, especially in the global competitive environment. The proper way of knowledge acquisition and delivery is imperative in this aspect. PTDCA always concerns about skill development and knowledge upgradation of Bangladeshi professionals to be sustained in the global competitive work environment. They offer various training and development programs. PTDCA is constantly considering improving the knowledge of professionals to contribute to the overall Human Resources development in Bangladesh. So, in line with this objective, PTDCA is going to launch a Certification course on Leadership and Organizational Development (ACL&OD) in the association of a reputed Australian leadership institution named AABL.

This type of Leadership and OD certification course jointly offered with renowned Australian organization is first of its kind in Bangladesh. AABL has designed this advanced certification course to enable professionals to develop their skills with updated and upgraded their expertise at international level. This certification course will pave the way of getting a foreign leadership and OD certification by staying in Bangladesh with their own convenience. By attending this course, the participants will gain insight about different leadership issues, like leadership typologies, effective leadership delegation, inherent authority-accountability-responsibility in leadership, teamwork and team building in leadership and leadership challenges in Bangladesh. In addition, participants will get skill development opportunities about employee engagement in OD, talent management and sustainable organization development. Proper evaluation process will be implemented including taking examination, case study and quiz, which is taken by PTDCA and monitored by AABL. Participants who will successfully complete this course will be awarded the valuable certificate to be issued by AABL, Australia.



Class-1: Leadership Skills: 21st Century Perspective

Class-2: Leadership: Power and Influence

Class-3: Concept of Organizational Development and Sustainable Organisation Development

Class-4: Leadership in Entrepreneurship

Class-5: Strategic HRM & Leadership

Class-6: Communication and Marketing Strategies for Leaders

Class-7: Effective Team Building, Employee Engagement and Organizational Behavior

Class-8: Leadership for Change Management.

Class-09: a.          Assignment Presentation

  1. Certificate Awarding followed by dinner

Every class will be conducted based on the following method:

  1. Around 50% time will be lecture from faculty (Interactive)
  2. Rest 50% Time:

             Business English videos followed by one 3 Minutes short quiz

             Every Class will cover a 5-7 minutes video of Successful Leaders

             Two group exercise on lecture and presentation from group



             The course will comprise of 30 credit hours

             The course will start from 14th August 2018 at the UPDATE Classroom, UTC Tower, 8, Panthapath, Dhaka,

             Assignment presentation and evaluation through AABL, Australia will be conducted at PTDCA lecture room

             Scheduled classes may be changed in case of unavoidable circumstances and for making more effective of curse

             Medium of instruction will be English Students will be encouraged to communicate among themselves in English


3rd Batch Admission Going on

Class Begins: 14th August 2018

Admission Deadline: 10th August 2018

Classes: 30 credit hours

Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Friday from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm

Duration: 2 Months Classes and Assignment


BDT- 20,000 +VAT Per person (Regular Fee)

BDT- 17,000 +VAT Per Person (Early Bird Fee)

Early Bird date: 6th August 2018

  • Special Discount may be given for corporate clients, BSHRM members & students.
  • Seats are limited (considered on 1st come 1st served basis).


Phone: 01709979849 and 01790444455

Tel: 880-2-9858601

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]







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