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An exclusive practical oriented physical course for SME (Male and Female) Entrepreneurs.

It is a really positive sign for our economy that the number of SMEs, especially Women Entrepreneurs is increasing gradually. Although, different organizations and Institutions are working on Women’s Empowerment and different initiatives are being taken to promote SME and Female Entrepreneurs, but these are not sufficient for huge potential and current entrepreneurs.

The areas of professional Investment Pitch Deck and Business Proposal Writing skills are still untouched. That is why SMEs, especially Women Entrepreneurs are not getting advantaged securing proper investment and financial assistance due to lack of these skills. In this regard, an in-depth coaching program on Investment Pitch Deck and Business Proposal Writing can help them grow further.

Considering these realities, PTDCA(Progressive Training Development & Consultants Associates) has introduced this very intensive and practical oriented regular physical course maintaining social distance.

Objectives of the program

> To develop skills of Investment Pitch Deck and Business Proposal Writing for SMEs, especially Women Entrepreneurs
> To help participants identify potential investors (locally and internationally)
> To provide guidelines of how to prepare for Investors pitching
> To help participants learn what should be considered while securing an Angel and VC investment
> To make participants competent how they will get projects and financial supports



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